Palo Alto Daily News
December 10, 1999

Dear Editor:
Let me address a couple of issues that have come up regarding the sale of the Cable Co- op to AT&T. One reason AT&T-TCI paid more per subscriber for other cable systems than the Cable Co-Op is that the other systems didn't need the extensive upgrades that the Co-op does, among many other things. You can't compare San Bruno's cable system to the Co-op. They are two separate entities and are run differently.

As an employee of Co-op, this sale not only makes sense, it has to happen. Local control is great but where were all of you when Co-op needed you most? Without this sale, Co-op's debts are looming early in the new year. The banks need to be paid. Cable Co-op cannot pay its enormous debts. If Co-op's loans are not paid on time, the banks will either close Co-op or sell it to the highest bidder, regardless of what you may think or want. If this sale is not approved, all of Co-op's employees will be out of a job.

Having been a TCI (now AT&T) customer almost all of my life, I have nothing but rave reviews. AT&T-TCI has excellent service and the channel lineup is always great.

Please vote for the sale of Cable Co-op to AT&T-TCI, if not for yourself, for your community, the employees of Co-op and their families.

Thomas DeMarco
Daly City