A Community Media Center

By Andrew Mellows
Community Producer

If the sale of Cable Co-opís assets to AT&T goes through, AT&T will make a very substantial gift to our community that will form the basis for creating a new Community Media Center. This gift is a recognition that part of the value of the transaction is in the good will associated with our strong community commitment to quality community programming. The opportunity that is presented to us is to convert those funds into a facility for the use of our community. By voting yes on the sale, you will be voting to invest in our community.

My vision of this new center builds on the excellent base that MPAC and Cable Co-opís local origination have provided. Looking forward we could fulfill the dreams of those who started Cable Co-op but with the financial foundation that is required to sustain it.

I urge you vote for the sale and thus to invest in an infrastructure that Ė