A Checklist for a Single 72 hour Kit for an Earthquake



A Set of 72 Hour Kits for a Family of Five
(For Two Adults and Three Young Children)
In 5 backpacks + 1 water pack

Candles (100 one-hour candles divided 5 ways or in one pack)
Compass (one for parent tied to backpack's upper handle)
Flashlights (one in each, industrial flashlight in Dad's pack, 6 batteries for each)
Sweatpants/sweatshirt/underwear/socks for each
Tissues (one small package for each backpack)
Pocket Knife (industrial-style with tools for Dad)
Waterproof matches (one box in each backpack)
Money (bills in Dad's pack, change for phones in each backpack)
Newspaper (small amount in each backpack)
Sewing kit (in at least Mom's pack)
Scissors (in sewing kit, plus extra [large] pair in Nicole's pack)
Toilet paper (in a Ziploc bag-one in each backpack)
Soap (one in each backpack-small trial size)
Toothbrush and toothpaste (in each backpack-e.g., travel two-in-one style)
Safety Razor (in Dad's backpack)
Vitamins (in Mom's pack)
Washcloth (in each backpack)
Water (extra backpack packed with sealed pouches of water is for this purpose-Dad to carry)
Whistle (one tied to each backpack's upper handle)
Blankets (one "emergency" space blanket in each backpack)
Sleeping bags-Dad and Mom carry extra for small children
Personal Records (Dad's backpack)
Radio (in each children's backpacks, with batteries)
Family picture in each person's backpack
Camera (disposable-in Dad's backpack)
Tools (in Dad's backpack-multi-use tool (knife)
First Aid kit (including all sorts of gauze/bandages/antiseptic, as well as Tums, Children's Tylenol, insect repellent, wipes, Band Aids, consecrated oil, thermometer, etc.)-in Mom's pack with a first aid manual
Food (Balance Bars, Power Bars, beef jerky, granola bars in each backpack)
Candy (hard candy in children's backpack)
Tent (to be affixed to Dad's backpack)
Scriptures (in Dad's backpack)
Tampons (Mom's backpack)
Light sticks (in the front pocket of everyone's backpack)
Duct Tape (in Dad's backpack)
Dust masks (in everyone's backpack)
Hand warmers (in everyone's backpack)
Cold compresses (in everyone's backpack)
Identification (in wallet, purse or backpack)
Child identification forms (in Mom's backpack)
Gloves (work gloves in Dad's backpack)
Contact lens supplies (Dad's backpack)
Make-up (Mom's backpack)
Books for kids (in children's backpacks)
Maps of the Bay Area (Dad's backpack)
Extra Keys to house/cars (Dad's backpack)